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The second rate industrial dust mask 2000

    Products    The second rate industrial dust mask 2000

Toxic organic solvent filtering
  • - Crop dusting, car bottom coating, petro chemistry, printing,
    cigarette manufacturing, welding, and etc, using for
    the place occurring organic solvent steam & bad smell
  • - The addition of an adsorption layer of bad smell and harmful
    organic solvent
  • - A special inside filter made with spun silver (Ag+) through which
    the electric current of 0.8Ω passes. Perfect sterilization
    of pneumococcus, staphylococcus, and trichophyton
  • - The spun silver which has 20 times stronger sterilizing effect than
    silver nanostructure
The second rate
industrial dust mask 2002
Industrial dust mask
SD21V(Valve mounting)
Industrial dust mask
The second rate
industrial dust mask 2002(inside)
Daeyoung Prevention Mask
Industrial dust mask
Ventilation valve
If the ventilation valve for intake & exhaust (specially designed valve) is attached, the resistance of intake & exhaust becomes low and moisture can be easily emitted. So when wearing glasses, your view isn’t interrupted.
Excellent purification of dust
Purification of dust, mist, fume, heavy metal, virus and etc by special filter layer
Perfect adhesion
You can feel comfortable wearing sensation ensuring perfect adhesion on face by attaching sponge made of soft material to the part of mask which is touched to face.
Wide filtering area
The filtering area of mask is wide, so the resistance of intake & exhaust is low.
Control of head straps
It is possible to control head straps. The head straps have good elasticity, so there is less pressure on the face.
Against yellow dust, pollen and virus; when doing grinding, cutting-off, casting, mixing, checking and repairing equipment, forming & processing plastic and rubber, crop-dusting, and dust working of dye and pigment. It shows excellent effects on blocking cold virus and heavy metals floating on the air (However it cannot be used as a gas mask).
Special trait
Sericite filtering layer can remove fine dust and bad smell.